28 8 / 2014

I could tell you stories about the voices we’ve lost, the women we’ve scarred, the people we’ve left behind. I want to, but I’m not sure you’d get it. I tweeted earlier today, We should have a war memorial for all of the women we have lost to this. We should lay flowers and grieve and see our reflections in stone. And I meant it. I wish there were a way to honor the people our industry has wronged, and a way to visualize the enormity of what we have lost because of it— some representation of the gap between what games are and what they can be, and the pieces of the bridge between that have fallen away.


28 8 / 2014

If you’re not reading every single thing Samantha Allen writes, you’re missing out. 

28 8 / 2014

Obviously when I think of Alan Thicke, I want to think of the words “Sweaty” and “Hot” preferably with as much sexual subtext as possible. 

27 8 / 2014



Thank you to everyone who came through last night! 60+ people attended the show! We’re at Passenger Bar every Tuesday night from 8-10pm, FREE comedy for your face neck and chest.

Thanks to comedians Evan Davis, Sean Wilkinson, Gabe Pacheco, Naomi Karavani, James Creelman, Khalid Rahmaan, and Tommy Lucente. It ruled!

Hosted by Sameer Naseem & Matt Donaher

This is a new show I co-run with the hilarious and kick ass Sameer. Great time, come on out!

27 8 / 2014

rapha31 said: Hey buddy, love you and your sisters work. I wanted to ask about that tweet you sent to jontron because I feel like I'm missing something? It's prolly none of of business, and I'm sorry to intrude if that's true, but what happened to get you so upset at him? I mean, him in particular to get you to react to his praise that way. I mean I see him do a lot of things (swear and curse, disrespect Christ) but a ton of youtubers do, so what's so special about him right now? Please answer this privately.


You are missing something! His praise tweet was directly in reply to me calling him out after he RTed and lol’d at a tweet comparing a historical photo of a lynchmob victim to present day social justice (those tweets are deleted now). He’s also been talking a lot about how it’s okay to casually use slurs and it’s NOT okay to tell anyone not to use those slurs because free speech. I’m not a fan of his, was not ever a friend of his, and he’s just one dude, but I am tired of this creator mentality that every little word that comes out of your lips must be defended and never apologized for and that anyone who’s upset by it must be faking!!! Boo to that. If I am ever being bigoted in some way, please know that I am extremely interested in hearing why and correcting my behavior, because the paranoia about the world getting “too PC” is some decades old bullshit for cranky uncles nobody likes.

Neil’s alright by me.